Secret Santa, Gifts and Lunch!

Among the end-of-year rituals, the Secret Santa is always one of the most fun and awaited. So, come on, let's gather our loved ones around a neatly decorated table, full of charming details? And to make the party even more special, we suggest a different way to sort the gifts. Come see!

For this set table, we chose white and blue porcelain with a delicate print of leaves. They are from Oxford's Ming line, which is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic Chinese tableware produced in the 15th century. It was during this period that oriental ceramics, decorated with blue pigment, became famous and valuable.

To make the ambience light and informal, we bet on placemats in light tones, white candles, and small arrangements scattered around the table. The result is a chic and simple style that pleases everyone.

To create a harmonious composition with the Ming dining set, we used striped tablecloths and table runners. Arrangements with flowers and foliage, and LED candles, collaborate to give a festive air. Photo: Cacá Bratke

White porcelain, stamped in blue, and striped table linens form a perfect and timeless marriage. The cutlery in a coppery tone, from Oxford's Paris collection, adds a touch of modernity to the set. Photo: Cacá Bratke

To start the work of the Secret Santa celebration, serve as an appetizer two or three kinds of cheese, fruit, and a good white wine. The marble and wood platter is perfect for the occasion. Photo: Cacá Bratke

The crystal glasses, with corrugated texture, are from the Proper line of Oxford Alumina Crystal which, thanks to high technology, has greater resistance to falls. Notice how the stripes of the towels look interesting when placed in opposite directions. Photo: Cacá Bratke

Reuse various glasses, such as perfume, juice, or coconut milk, to place small arrangements of foliage and flowers. Then, just distribute them along the table. Photo: Cacá Bratke

Before the Secret Santa draw, how about a round of drinks? From left to right, we have: a sparkling wine glass from the Athenas line, two rounded glasses model Coupe and, between them, a Martini glass. All Oxford Alumina Crystal. Photo: Cacá Bratke

And my secret friend is...

To make the draw for the gifts, which should be neutral to please everyone, fold paper circles in the shape of fortune cookies and put, inside them, phrases with the guests' descriptions. Place the "cookies" inside glass jars with bamboo lids. Photo: Cacá Bratke

Some people call it a secret friend, some call it a secret friend, but what matters is that everyone loves to receive a present. Bet on utilitarian and beautiful pieces, like the Serena Sky mugs. Photo: Cacá Bratke


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