Italian lunch, chic and simple

The table set for this Italian lunch has stripped dishes, crystal glasses perfect for wine tasting, and many charming details that will please the guests. Come take a closer look!

Italian cuisine, one of the most popular in the world and in Brazil, is our source of inspiration for the decoration of this table. Although you can't reduce Italian gastronomy to its best-known dishes, such as pasta, lasagna, risotto, and pizza, it has the undeniable appeal of being based on simplicity and quality ingredients, preferably fresh, organic, and regional.

For this reason, we opted for a minimalist dinnerware, with natural hues and a satin finish: Unni Hazelnut and Unni Olive. It is the one that will serve as the base for our Italian lunch table.

Mesa posta para quatro pessoas

The Italian lunch table has ceramic plates from Oxford's Unni line, in the colors Hazelnut (deep plate and dessert plate) and Olive (shallow plate). 

Dois lugares na mesa posta com louças em tons de marrom e verde claro.

The napkins are tied with a knot and given a sprig of rosemary. They are positioned inside the bowl-shaped deep plates, perfect for serving pasta, soups, risottos or salads. The Grand Cru Professional crystal glasses, by Oxford, are handmade.

Foto feita de cima mostra as louças do almoço italiano.

Note that the Unni Hazelnut and Unni Olive dishes have a matte surface, which provides a different sensation to the touch. The cutlery, with bold lines and coppery tone, are from the Paris line. All from Oxford. 

Duas latas de tomate pelado, uma com rótulo amarelo e outra com rótulo azul, contemdo ervas e tomates em rama.

At the center of the table, instead of a flower arrangement, innovate by placing fresh herbs (basil, rosemary, thyme, and oregano) and vine tomatoes inside tomato cans with colorful labels. It looks beautiful and original! 

Pão tipo ciabatta dentro de um saquinho de papel pardo, com o menu do almoço italiano escrito a mão

Bread, an important ingredient in Italian meals, gains extra charm inside a paper bag with the handwritten menu for lunch. If it is a ciabatta, even better! 

Marcador de lugar feito com rolha e palito de churrasco.

To mark the guests' place, a personalized cork, stuck on a wooden toothpick, adds a rustic touch to the decoration. 

Dois copos com grissini. palitos de pão sempre servidos como aperitivo em um almoço italiano.

Spread tall glasses with grissinis (bread sticks flavored with herbs) around the table for people to serve themselves. Here, the glasses are from Oxford's Classic 340 line. 

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