How to set a classic breakfast table

The first meal of the day, besides providing breakfast, is also an opportunity to get inspired and start the morning with calm and energy. That's why, besides the food eaten at breakfast, the table setting also deserves special attention.

To learn how to set a classic breakfast table, you can't lack creativity in the combinations between tableware and accessories. But the most important thing when thinking about a classic table is the arrangement of each item. The etiquette rule for breakfast tables, besides providing harmony, facilitates the distribution of all the elements at the table.

In this proposal we used the On the rocks glass from the Proper line, a different option that can also be used as a water glass in other proposals.

The Breakfast Table

For coffee, usually bread, fruit, cereals, and coffee with or without milk are served. This is the daily menu of most Brazilians, and to serve this meal a dessert plate, tea or coffee cup with saucer, and juice glass are used. Bowls and bowls can also be used to serve porridge or yogurt.

Besides china, another important item is the cutlery. For breakfast or afternoon coffee we use the cutlery for dessert, tea or coffee. If you are an enthusiast of the set table, surely you already know the rule for the arrangement of the cutlery that we will go into in more detail now.

The flatware according to the classic rule

Setting a set table, especially a classical one, is almost like putting together a puzzle where each piece has a correct position. The right flatware for a coffee table is dessert flatware, since the meals are smaller and are easier to serve than at lunch or dinner.

  • Dessert knife and spoon = right-hand side
  • Dessert fork = left side
  • Tea or coffee spoon = next to saucer

You can also place the cutlery above the plate if you prefer. As for the teaspoons or coffee spoons next to the saucer, set them according to the chosen cup: tea cup with teaspoon; coffee cup with coffee spoon. The silver flatware is a wild card to have at home, as it goes with almost every style of table.

Every item in its place

In addition to the plates and cups, many dinner sets have accessories that make the coffee table even more beautiful and of course, usual. The Flamingo Diamond collection, for example, has a milk jug, sugar bowl, and teapot that can be placed along the table or next to each other for easy serving.

The position of the plates can be the traditional arrangement with cup and saucer on the plate and the napkin always on the left side. If you prefer the deconstructed coffee set-up, the napkin will be above the plate, and the cup and saucer will be on the right, next to the juice glass. Remember that the brim of the cup must inevitably face to the right.

Always a reminder!

Choosing the tableware is without a doubt, one of the most fun stages where you can dare to combine vibrant colors and prints or go for a more neutral and elegant proposal. Whatever your preference, Oxford has the perfect china for your table!

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